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Flip & Fold

It's easy to learn how to use a Flip & Fold. Just open the frame and flip the top up.

The Flip & Fold Desk provides a smooth writing surface thanks to its laminate wood top. The shelf underneath adds extra storage space. College students, nomads, home office users, and elementary through high school students are all fans of this convenient desk that can fold up and move with you.

A favorite of caterers, hotels, and restaurants, the Flip & Fold Island is great for use around the home as well. The laminate wood top is so light, you can easily flip the top over.

The Deluxe Flip & Fold Island's thin 4.75" folded profile, beautiful parquet butcher block design top, and solid hardwood shelves make it a fine choice for any household.


The Flip & Fold Cart


The Deluxe Flip & Fold Cart


The Stainless Steel Folding Kitchen Island


The Textured Flip and Fold Island

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