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"We recently purchased your folding island from QVC and just wanted you to know that we appreciated the quality and the way the product was packaged with no assembly required. My husband was skeptical at first but when we opened the box, there was nothing for us to do but open it up and use it.

I love it and plan to use it first as a dessert station on Christmas Eve. We had
fun trying to figure out how to hang the wooden wine holder with the hooks but after visiting your websit found that it just sits on the shelf and the hooks are there
for other accessories or towels.

This product was well worth the price and we wish you a happy holiday and continued success."
Carolyn S., Chicago, IL

"I would like tell you how much I like you product. I have a small kitchen but it worked well for me during the Holidays. I put a silicone mat on top with my cookie racks on top of the mat for all the of cookie baking (10 double batches of butter cookies). All I had to do was take the cookies from the oven and turn around to the island. In the past, I had to walk out of the kitchen area to the dining room table. I had to remove everything from the table and place covers and racks to hold the cookies as I baked them. By using the island I took everything off the back counter in put on the two shelf of the cart and setup the racks on the back counter. The island was the same height of my kitchen counter; I push the island up to the back counter and had a great work surface. I put the Christmas decoration on the dining room tablet and it did not have to be moved. This was great!!!! Thank you."
C. O'Neal, Grandview, Missouri.

"Hi everybody, I live in San Diego in a one-bedroom apartment with of course a small kitchen. I do a lot of dinner parties and when I saw the butcher block on QVC, I ordered it immediately. I thought it would be small as on tv you really can't tell and you can't tell how well it is made. Well, it is now December 4th and it just arrived! My god it is beautiful. I can't believe it is so big. I could go on and on, but just want you to know how happy I am with it. Thanks for coming up with the idea."
L. Silva, La Mesa, California.

"We received the folding butcher block island today. Thought I would drop you a line to say that I'm impressed with the design. I am very impressed with the way you packaged the item and I am not easily impressed. Good job."
D. Smith, Wabash, Indiana.

"Hello, I just received your cart today and I was amazed at how easy it was to set up with the instruction you printed for the customer. The cart itself is beautifully constructed and I already have it set up in the kitchen. It is the right height for me so that when I start doing my baking it will be perfect. I've always needed an extra table to put my ingredients on when I'm baking that with the shelves it has now I can put them on the shelves. The wood and the design is very beautiful that there is no way I would put away. Thank you,"
D. Nina, Rialto, California.

"Hi, some time ago I purchased your KK 3005A. I am dropping you a note to tell you how much I love it. Whether I am in the kitchen moving food from the refrigerator to sink or using it as a work station or serving the finished product to the dining room, it has made my life easier. With me being disabled, it is easy for me to fold and store it. Thank you!"
C. Hack, Bloomsberg, Pennsylvania.

"Hello, We were vacationing in Santa Barbara and stopped in at Whitney West in Summerland. We spotted your folding butcher block Island and decided it would be just the thing for an extra storable table for our summer cottage. We bought it there and had it shipped back to our home here in Westlake, Ohio. The design and construction is really ingenious. Someone has lots of imagination."
D. Berns, Westlake, Ohio.

"Couldn't believe how quickly my table arrived within three or four days! Absolutely love it and it is perfect for my small kitchen. Love that it can be folded and put away when not in use. Thanks"
J. Jacoby, Junction, Texas.

"People always send complaints but I like to give 'positive reinforcement' when something strikes me as extremely well-executed. The Kitchen Island I ordered thru SkyMall came today. Usually with a bulky item that size I have to wait for someone else to help me unpack it, or I wind up ripping the box to shreds around the item. Most of the time instructions start with 'remove from box'.

But your instructions on how to unpack the item were perfect - they were clear, concise, and the print was the right size to see from the other end of the box. I was able to remove the Kit. Island without any sweat, literally.

Then, instead of having a floor covered with shredded cardboard and tons of Styrofoam as I was expecting, I was able to pack everything neatly back into the box and take it out to the trash.

The directions for opening the Island were, again, perfect; love the graphics that showed step-by-step what it's supposed to look like as it was unfolding.

The Island itself is even nicer than the picture in the catalogue!

All the folding panels meet exactly without any gaps, the castors are smooth and lock/unlock with a slight pressure from my foot, the top is seamless and the wood well-matched, and it's sturdy.

Originally I was just going to use this for parties and then store it away, but I've set it up in my kitchen instead as a permanent addition.

Someone had excellent attention to detail and the company had the "quality mindset" to put this into practice.

Great value for the price and very, very pleased with this purchase, it's exceeded my expectations.

Good job!" Shari S., Knoxville, Tennesee.

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